Wastewater Treatment

Midge and filter flies are more than a nuisance to the staff and surrounding neighbors of wastewater treatment facilities. In severe wastewater infestations, flies can alter water quality, clog pipes/equipment, transmit pathogens and generate complaints from surrounding properties.

Controlling these pests is essential to keeping a wastewater treatment facility operating efficiently.

By targeting the pests during development, urban and rural water management facilities can rely on Strike® products to achieve effective midge fly management that breaks the pest life cycle and prevents adult populations from emerging.

Use Strike® products in wastewater treatment plants

"Using the Strike Pellets, we have constructed a variety of creative application methods over the years because always finding the most economical, yet effective solution, is important to us."

– Erin Carlton, operator supervisor at the North Oconee wastewater facility


Strike product shot

Strike® Midge Control Liquid  is a microencapsulated formulation that is capable of controlling midges throughout an entire facility.

Strike Ultra product shot

Strike® Ultra is a water-dilutable emulsifiable concentrate that is ideal for treating trickle filters and smaller problem areas.

Strike Pellets product shot

Strike® Pellets  are a convenient option to use where there are extended holding times, and areas can be uniformly and completely treated easily by hand on the basis of surface area.

Learn more about Strike® Liquid, Strike® Ultra and Strike® Pellets midge fly control solutions for wastewater treatment plants.