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Chemical Processing

Midge fly infestations are a big threat to any facility that uses water as part of its process, including chemical processing and pharmaceutical plants. Midge fly larvae can absorb chemicals in nearby lagoons, emerging as flying contaminated adults. These pests then enter the food chain, impacting the eco-system.

Strike® products are the ideal, low-maintenance solution to prevent midge fly breeding in the lagoons used by chemical plants. This not only reduces plant liability, but also keeps plants free of irritating swarms of midge flies that can hinder production.

To avoid future populations, knock down midge and filter flies before they fully develop with an insect growth regulator. Chemical processing water operators and licensed wastewater operators can count on Strike® products to control midge fly infestations.

Strike® Midge Control Liquid features a time-released active ingredient, ensuring effective control to large areas of standing water.

Strike® Ultra is a concentrated formulation that offers quick and cost-effective midge fly control in smaller application sites.

Strike® Pellets are easy to use, offering precise application rates with 30-day release technology.

Learn more about Strike® Liquid, Strike® Ultra and Strike® Pellets midge fly control solutions for chemical processing plants.

Use Strike® products in chemical plants.