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High populations of midge flies are aesthetically unappealing, a nuisance for groundskeepers, and most importantly, they can be irritating for residents and guests. Strike® products provide easy-to-use midge control for golf course and resort communities, helping to reduce the need for costly repeat applications, limit required maintenance hours, and keep guests and golfers returning for a positive experience.

Golf course groundskeepers, maintenance managers and resort homeowners associations know that midge fly irritation can make outdoor activities difficult as midges can be inhaled into the mouth and nose and get into eyes and ears. At night, they are attracted to lights around houses and businesses and are known to roost in cool shady areas around homes, where their droppings stain paint and stucco finishes. Nuisance midge flies can also cause secondary infestations of the spiders and ants that feed on them.

When applied to golf course lagoons, Strike® products simplify the process involved to maintain a scenic golf experience. Treat resort locations with midge fly nuisance issues, including ornamental ponds, lakes, and other non-swimming aquatic areas.

Strike® Pellets offer complete coverage in a convenient, low-cost midge fly control formulation. The ready-to-use pellets contain the insect growth regulator (IGR) (S)-methoprene, designed for a 30-day release period. Formulated for extended holding times, Strike® Midge Fly Control Pellets are ideal for aerial and ground applications. Continued use prevents future golf course and resort infestations of midge flies. Learn more about Strike® Pellets and the complete lineup of midge control solutions.

Use Strike® products in golf courses and resorts