Having midge or filter fly issues? Protect your facility with Strike®

Strike® products break the life cycles of midges and filter flies to prevent future generations from developing at water treatment facilities. All three formulations have an environmentally friendly mode of action that can be added into water without interrupting the treatment process. Learn more about where midge and filter flies are found, how to identify them, and how Strike® products can protect your facility.

Midge vs. Filter Flies

Midge Fly

Midge flies alter water quality, clog pipes, and in extreme cases, transmit pathogens. Adult midge flies resemble mosquitoes in appearance with “bushy” antennae, and are ready to mate and lay eggs within days of emergence.

Filter Fly

Operations also need filter fly control they can count on to combat both the nuisance factor and the potential health risks. Adult filter flies are known for their “hairy” appearance and pointed moth-like wings.

Strike® Products

Strike® Pellets

Strike Pellets can be added directly into water, and are formulated for extended holding times with a convenient, 30-day release of the active ingredient (S)-methoprene.

Best for:

  • EPA-approved for use in any natural body of water
  • Lagoons
  • Ponds
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Strike Pellets product shot
Strike product shot

Strike® Midge Control

This microencapsulated liquid formulation is capable of controlling midges and filter flies throughout a facility.
Best for:
  • Continuous applications
  • Enclosed systems
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Strike® Ultra Professional Midge Control

This water-dilutable emulsifiable concentrate is ideal for treating trickle filters and smaller areas where midges and filter flies are a problem.

Best for:

  • Trickle filters
  • Small areas
  • Concentrated fly breeding areas
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Application & Use Sites

Wastewater TreatmentChemical ProcessingPulp & Paper ProcessingFood ProcessingGolf Courses & Resorts Other

See the Results

It has been proven that the insect growth regulator (IGR) in Strike® products is highly effective in eliminating midge and filter fly infestations and keeping them under control without the use of harmful ingredients.

Product Brochure

Download our brochure to learn how to improve the performance of your facility by controlling midge and filter flies with Strike® products.


Have any questions? Check out our FAQ to assist you in maximizing your midge and filter fly control efforts on your operation.