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Water is a key component in paper and pulp mills - and where there is water, there is an opportunity for a midge fly infestation. The Strike® product lineup of solutions for midge and filter fly control offers facility maintenance managers, licensed water operators and quality assurance managers convenient, cost-effective formulations.

When these pests enter paper and pulp facilities, they can cause serious quality control issues. Midge flies in a paper plant have been found to contaminate paper rolls and other items manufactured within the mill. Incorporating Strike® products into the mill water systems will keep midge populations under control and reduce the cost of disposing contaminated or tainted paper and the required maintenance. Reducing midge fly populations in the facility and the paper production process is a key factor in paper quality assurance.

Strike® Midge Control Liquid controls midge and filter fly infestations wherever there is standing water in the plant or facility. A microencapsulated formulation, Strike® liquid is ideal for pulp and paper processing plants experiencing midges in various stages and multiple areas of the treatment process.

Strike® Ultra Midge Control is a water-dilutable, emulsifiable concentrate that prevents the emergence of midge and filter flies in pulp and paper processing plants. Strike® Ultra is an effective solution designed for facilities where fly breeding is contained to a defined area.

Learn more about Strike® Liquid and Strike® Ultra midge fly control solutions for pulp and paper processing mills.

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