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Although midge flies are small, they pose a major threat to food processing plants. Food processing plants – especially meat and poultry processors – offer midge flies the food, shelter, and water that they seek. Not only a nuisance to daily operations, the pests can contaminate the product in the facility, making it inedible and unsafe for human consumption.

In order to remain productive and profitable, it is critical to avoid costly recalls, fines and complete shutdowns from regulators. Fly contamination can be detrimental to quality assurance reviews. Strike® products can be applied without affecting water quality for controlling fly infestations in food processing plants and food manufacturing facilities.

With regular applications of Strike® products, you can manage the problem at its source and prevent midge flies from contaminating product and compromising health inspections. Plant, maintenance, quality assurance and food safety managers can count on the EPA-approved Strike® products to help protect their bottom line and keep operations running smoothly.

Strike® Midge Control Liquid is a microencapsulated formulation that is ideal for controlling midge and filter flies in large areas throughout an entire facility.

Strike® Ultra is a water-dilutable, emulsifiable concentrate that can be used for cost-effective control in smaller infestation areas.

Strike® Pellets are a convenient option to uniformly treat areas via aerial or ground applications.

Learn more about Strike® Liquid, Strike® Ultra and Strike® Pellets midge fly control solutions for food processing plants.

Use Strike® products in food processing plants