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Golf Course & Resort

High populations of midge flies are aesthetically unappealing, a nuisance for groundskeepers, and most importantly, they can be irritating for residents and guests. Strike® products provide easy-to-use midge control for golf course and resort communities, helping to reduce the need for costly repeat applications, limit required maintenance hours, and keep guests and golfers returning for a positive experience.

When applied to golf course lagoons, Strike® products simplify the process involved to maintain a scenic golf experience. Treat resort locations with midge fly nuisance issues, including ornamental ponds, lakes, and other non-swimming aquatic areas.

Formulated for extended holding times, Strike® Midge Fly Control Pellets are ideal for aerial and ground applications. Continued use prevents future golf course and resort infestations of midge flies.

Use Strike® products in golf courses and resorts

Strike Pellets product shot

Strike® Pellets  are a convenient option to uniformly treat areas via aerial or ground applications.

Learn more about Strike® Pellets and the complete lineup of midge control solutions.