If you're wondering if Strike® products would be right for your operation, take a look at some frequently asked questions we've received throughout the years. Hopefully they will clarify how Strike® product can help you keep midge and filter flies out of your site.
A: Strike® is a highly effective larvicide for the control of nuisance flies at wastewater treatment facilities.
A: Strike® contains an insect growth regulator (IGR). IGRs are unique in that they do not control pests in the ways that conventional pesticides do. Conventional pesticides kill the adults, whereas IGRs work by controlling the emergence of adult pests from the pupal stage.
A: IGRs are mimics of natural products in an insect's body. A pest absorbs the IGR into its system, where it disrupts normal development and causes the insect to remain in the pupal stage where it dies. In other words, IGRs prevent flies from becoming the adults that create the nuisance to workers and surrounding residential areas.
A: Strike® is dispensed via a free-standing unit that contains a tank, metering pump, stand and mixing device. All of the equipment runs on 120 volts, and typical setup takes less than 15 minutes.
A: Strike® should be applied to infested areas, including lagoons, ponds, and in wastewater treatment facilities where the sewage enters the system after primary treatment (grit and sediment separation). Make applications at the headworks or discharge box as the sewage enters the infested area.
A: Strike® is applied at the rate of 5 ounces (3oz for Ultra) per 1 million gallons of flow per day. Meter the correct amount of Strike® into the influent side over a 6 to 8 hour period of low flow. Continue the 5-ounce per million gallons rate for 7-10 days.
A: No. They are water-based liquid concentrates which are easy to handle, mix and use. The active ingredient is Strike® liquids is active only against insects and is one of the most environmentally compatible insect control products on the market.
A: No. Because the active ingredient in Strike® affects only insects, there is no need for concern about effects on the beneficial microbes. Nor do the inert ingredients in Strike® cause a problem.
A: Strike® can be used anywhere in the facility where midges and filter flies are a problem. Typical application sites include trickling filters, sludge drying beds, clarifiers and any other location where nuisance flies are breeding.
A: No. Strike® products have a relatively short half-life. After normal filtration and UV treatments, Strike® products are typically undetectable when water is tested.
A: Strike® is unlike any other product used to control filter flies. Strike® attacks the pest problem at the source - the organic matter associated with wastewater facilities. Strike® products control the larvae before they become adults, thus breaking the cycle of infestation. By preventing the larvae from becoming adults, there are no adults to continue the cycle. While other products kill only a small portion of adult flies, Strike® controls them at the source of the infestation.
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