Strike: Professional Midge and Filter Fly Control for wastewater treatment operations
Hivastan and Apistan for effective Varroa mite control

Shut down midge and filter flies, not your treatment facility.

Strike® Professional Midge Control stops the reproductive cycles of midge and filter flies, eliminates the next generation of flies and, with continued use, keeps new infestations from developing. Best of all, you can achieve this unique level of control without disrupting your facility's productivity. Learn How

Our secret for getting rid of
midge and filter flies?

Get them while they're young.
Unlike other products, which
only kill a small amount
of adult flies, Strike®
contains an EPA
approved insect
growth regulator, or
IGR, which mimics
the natural
in an insect's body.
Preadult midge and filter
flies absorb the IGR into their
systems, where it disrupts
normal development and causes
them to remain in the pupal stage.
You'll notice a difference in as few as 10 days.

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