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Strike® Professional Midge Control helps stop midge and filter flies, eliminates the next generation of flies and, with continued use, keeps new infestations from developing. Best of all, you can achieve this level of control without disrupting your facility's productivity. Strike products comes in three formulations so there's bound to be a fit for you.

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Strike® products are among the most environmentally compatible insect control products on the market. Strike® products contain an EPA approved insect growth regulator (IGR) that mimics the natural bio-chemicals in an insect's body, essentially stopping larvae from developing into adults. Strike® products do not contain any dangerous toxins, posing no threat to non-target organisms. The short half-life of Strike® products typically makes them undetectable in water tests after filtration processes and UV treatments.

Strike® products are used primarily in wastewater treatment facilities, but they can be applied in any facility that uses water as part of its process. They can even be used in lakes and ponds to keep midge fly populations from growing out of control.

Strike® products will not affect water quality, beneficial organisms and are undetectable at outflow.

Unlike other products, which only kill a small amount of adult flies, Strike® products go to work on the larvae before they can develop into breeding adults. Pre-adult midge and filter flies absorb the IGR into their systems, where it disrupts normal development and causes them to remain in the pupal stage where they die.